Here are 2 reasons for gaining weight on
It could be genetics that “holds” the weight when we are stressed, or it could be having an unpleasant habit of stress eating.

Regardless of why weight gain (or inability to lose weight) occurs, how you deal with the problem is important.
Constant stress throws the body into survival mode. As a consequence, sleep is disturbed, which negatively affects digestion.

So, people who are stressed often overeat. Official science tells us that stress causes cravings for sugar, forcing you to make appropriate (increasing your volume) food choices. Many people tend to eat more when they are emotionally or physically uncomfortable.
Foods consisting mostly of fat and sugar do soothe the brain in the short term, and you may experience comfort. The problem is that it doesn’t last, so you’ll need more and more servings of fatty or sugary foods to keep your mood good.

Explore new methods of self-soothing. For many of us, food is love.
We often use food for comfort, comfort, pleasure, and relief from difficult emotions that we don’t know how to manage. We really need a subject on the nature of emotions in school. Fortunately, there are many other ways to calm down and understand our experiences and emotions besides emptying our refrigerators.

Below you’ll find some tips to help you calm down:
Spend a few minutes taking slow, deep breaths, relaxing your muscles and saying to yourself that everything is okay;
Practice mindfulness by focusing on what you are doing in the moment.
Take long walks;
practice compassion for yourself and all beings;
smile as it releases endorphins;
go out into nature, contemplate the trees, be filled with the scent of flowers;
breathe calmly, imagining that you have enough time in the future to make time for daily meditation;
move your body onto your yoga mat.

The problem is that when you’re regularly stressed, you probably tend to pull away from your body because it’s so bogged down in tension. Yoga can help with that. When you practice yoga properly, it’s amazing how effective it is at calming the mind, releasing tension and bringing you back to harmony. It is also great for overcoming emotions such as guilt, anger or fear that cause stress.
One of the basic principles of yoga is the practice of contentment and acceptance toward yourself and others. If you’re holding on to some weight, you’re probably feeling very heavy, so if you don’t judge yourself for a while, each day will feel easy, like heaven.

In the long run, yoga trains your parasympathetic nervous system so you can tolerate any stressful situations that come your way.

A young woman sitting outside in a yoga position looking very peaceful

Yoga is not only good for stress relief, but it also helps you lose weight by reconnecting with your body. When you do yoga, you feel better about yourself, which makes you take better care of yourself.

Yoga makes us more productive. Certainly, at first it will seem like there is no time to practice. Yes, indeed, you do need to make time to practice. You will quickly find that practicing yoga creates more time, making us more relaxed and focused. If you have a shaky belly, full rest and regular practice will help you lose it. Never stop, but know when your body needs rest.

Yoga is a very powerful tool, but requires regularity and a very thoughtful attitude.

It takes practice to understand that we are not the body, mind or ego, but the eternal soul. You can find peace through yoga.