Age yoga, the benefits of practice for retirees

Is it possible to feel good at any age, or will the years take their toll? Of course, much depends on the lifestyle: mobility, activity, attitude. The whole experience that a person goes through is reflected in his appearance: for example, he is hunched over, squeezed, walking with his eyes down. On our face wrinkles […]

Parents, let’s get together – the school season begins for children!

When a child goes to school, it is stressful not only for him, but also for parents. The guys again need to get used to the regime and, actively mentally work, concentrate, interact, negotiate. A first-grader and a child transferred to another school are generally met by everything new: the school itself, new people. […]

Why is it important to be mindful?

It is important not only to be aware of yourself once a day, it is important to be in this state all the time, to remember yourself and always. You are only alive in proportion to how aware you are. Mindfulness is the difference between life and death. You are not alive just because […]

The benefits of cartoons for children

Good cartoons and help parents in raising a child. After all, they: instill good manners, concepts of etiquette and rules for interacting with the outside world; help develop imagination, memory and thinking – the cognitive functions of the brain; teach kindness, sincerity, love and friendship; interest, distract, soothe; instill the skill of analyzing the […]

Self Confidence Meditation

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself in a room with two mirrors hanging on opposite walls and One of the mirrors shows you a reflection of your current inner state. Your whole appearance – posture, facial expressions, expression of the eyes – indicates an […]

Why education is needed

Obtaining a specialty and that cannot be learned on your own You can’t become a doctor, chemist, or nuclear physicist by taking an online course. To master a real profession, you need fundamental knowledge and serious practice. Here it is important not just to get a diploma, but knowledge, because human lives will depend […]

Parent control of homework in elementary school

I would like to greet dear parents who are faced with checking the homework of a child and in elementary school. This topic is relevant not only in the educational sphere, but also in family upbringing. The teacher has to deal with the fact that often the child does his homework not on his […]

Vipassana and social change

The Vipassana technique is the path leading to freedom from all suffering. It eradicates the ignorance that underlies suffering. Those who practice the Vipassana technique gradually reduce the root causes of their suffering and steadily emerge from the darkness of their former tensions to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. There are many examples showing […]

Swing pose

This is a wonderful fun for children that they will ask for themselves. But the swing pose yoga also has health benefits. In this asana, the shoulders are stretched and the arms and core muscles are strengthened. And since it is the center of the body that is the key to a good sense […]

How does a child’s temperament affect learning?

Our temperament is made up of a combination of innate psychophysiological characteristics. By determining the type of temperament of the child at an early age, you can understand how he will relate to learning and, and at the same time avoid many problems. Psychologists distinguish 4 types of temperament: Melancholics are people who are […]