Sometimes in the morning after sleeping, it can be difficult for us to come to our senses and start practicing This is due to the fact that the body was practically in a motionless state and the centers of the brain regulating the coordination of movements had not yet been fully involved in the work. In order to get oneself out of this inert state, there is a wonderful tool in the arsenal of hatha yoga – balance asanas on one leg, which, due to their impact on the cerebellum, contribute to the activation of the body as a whole. Cerebellum – “small brain” – a part of the brain responsible for the coordination of movements, regulation of balance and muscle tone, involved in the processes of higher nervous activity: the accumulation of experience, the development of memory, thinking.

One of the most effective asanas in this situation is Vrikshasana – “Pose of the Tree”. The pose is quite simple. However, it gives a good muscle load: it strengthens the spine and legs, opens the pelvis, teaches you to remain calm, focused mind, composure and increases willpower. The static nature of the asana is only visible.

Rooted and frozen like a tree, inside we constantly maintain tension and upward thrust. Like a tree stretching towards the sun, we strive upward with all our essence on the physical and mental planes. It is recommended to include Vrikshasana in your morning practice.

According to Kaushtub Desikachar, the son and disciple of yoga master T.K.V. Desikachara: “She teaches us to stick to the intended path, no matter what obstacles.”