When a child goes to school, it is stressful not only for him, but also for parents.
The guys again need to get used to the regime and https://argoprep.com/blog/goal-and-strategy-for-schools/, actively mentally work, concentrate, interact, negotiate. A first-grader and a child transferred to another school are generally met by everything new: the school itself, new people.
Parents are worried about how the child will get used to it, how he will learn the program, whether he will find new friends, etc. etc.

WHAT PARENTS CAN DO to live this period calmly:
1. stop worrying, the excitement is transmitted to the child;
2. choose school supplies and uniforms with your child, let him like everything he uses;
3. uncertainty worries or https://argoprep.com/blog/scaffolding-strategies-to-use-in-your-classroom/ – ask as many questions as possible to clarify all the details, own all the information;
4. tell the child what awaits him, what will happen, answer all the questions of the child;
5. and don’t rush, don’t test the child, don’t demand quick results. Allow your child to enter school life at their own pace.

When you have a first-grader, if possible, take a vacation in September, then you can spend time with your child, slowly meet and see him off, listen to all the news. At first, homework should be done together, this gives the child the opportunity to learn how to learn. Then gradually reduce your presence during tasks. This will help your child become independent.

If you are yet to enter school, we invite you to our program “To School with Joy”. During the year, we prepare for all these moments so that the child confidently and with pleasure begins a new stage in his life.

give the child the opportunity to calmly enter the school reality,
in September, do not pull, do not demand success, do not scold for grades.
further think about programs and courses of self-organization or training for personal development, conflict resolution or the use of entrepreneurial abilities in business projects, which will increase motivation for learning, help in choosing a profession, give confidence and peace of mind to children and parents.