It is important not only to be aware of yourself once a day, it is important to be in this state all the time, to remember yourself and always.

You are only alive in proportion to how aware you are. Mindfulness is the difference between life and death. You are not alive just because you are breathing, you are not alive just because your heart is beating. Physiologically, you can be kept alive in a hospital, without any consciousness.

Memories of yesterday, fears of the future, and a lot of erratic thoughts that come flooding in, all take up a huge amount of energy and lead you astray.

Agree, it is difficult to fulfill dreams when the mind gives you 1001 reasons “why the desired will not come true.” This internal dialogue is inherently empty and meaningless. But it is strong enough to negatively affect you and deprive you of what you want.

How it works? The fact is that during such a “dialogue” with your own mind, all your thoughts are focused not on the desired, but on its absence or unattainability, on the fact that the desired will never happen to you and it is impossible to realize it. This is how “harmless”, at first glance, thoughts do not allow you to realize your dreams.

In addition, for the fulfillment of desires, we need a lot of energy. We ruthlessly lose a huge amount of energy just because we spend it on endless scrolling of useless thoughts in our heads and internal anxiety.

In other words, mindfulness will give you purification, enlightenment and accumulation of energy.

Osho recommends focusing on the here and now and what is happening to you in that moment.

You go: be aware of yourself. You listen, you speak: be aware of yourself. When you are angry, be aware that you are angry. The very moment there is anger, be aware that you are angry. This constant memory of yourself creates a certain energy, a very subtle energy in you. You begin to be a crystallized being.