The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is to join a SHSAT
The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is to join a SHSAT

The editing/revising section is the shortest part of the SHSAT ELA section, but it is still quite important to your exam score. There are 11 questions, 3-5 of which will ask you to edit standalone sentences and 6-8 which will ask you to revise and edit within the context of the passage. Scpecialized high school test prep classes we feature free practice tests for the ACT, SAT, and AP tests. The latter of these also tests your reading comprehension to some extent, so don’t forget to take in the meaning of what you are reading while you are editing. We have some specific tips for you to read more carefully when you are tackling the questions in this section:

  • 1. Ask yourself whether something can be said in a less confusing manner. Are there words or phrases that are making the sentence more difficult to understand?
  • Are there run-on sentences? Could things be said more concisely without changing the meaning of the sentence?
  • Does any part of the sentence seem redundant or incorrect? Take note besides sentences that you don’t think sound correct.
  • Read the passage more for syntax and less for meaning, but don’t ignore meaning. It will come in handy to answer questions about purpose.
  • Identify specific errors. Is there a problem with the word choice? Are there problems with the tense used or the grammar? Perhaps there is a run-on sentence. Be sure to select the correct sentence that needs to be addressed.

To do well in this section of the exam, you must think holistically about the overall development of sentences and what their addition contributes to the meaning of the passage. For sentence questions, consider the usage of words and always keep grammar rules in the back of your head as you are reading. Most importantly, be sure to read carefully. Picking specialized high school test prep classes is an inescapable part of high school. If you need to, re-read the sentence again with the correct change.

What topics are guaranteed to be on the SHSAT?

After years and years of experience with the SHSAT, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the topics on the exam. The math section of the exam revolves around a very specific subset of topics, which include but are not limited to: absolute value, age problems, algebraic expressions, angles, averages, characteristics of quadrilaterals, circles, combining like terms, consecutive integers, constant rate, coordinate geometry, factoring, fractions, inequalities, interior angles of a polygon, intersecting lines, isosceles and equilateral triangles, LCM, GCF, length of an arc, linear equations, mean/average, metric system, midpoint, mixed numbers, monomials, multi-step story problems, FOIL, negative and rational exponents, parallel lines and transversals, patterns, PEMDAS, probability, proportions, radicals, rates, ratios, revolutions, scale, scientific notation, similar triangles, slope of a line, special right triangles, statistics, time-shift problems, unit conversion, volume, and of course, word problems.

The ELA section of the exam holds revision/editing questions based on passages and sentences that will test your knowledge of grammatical conventions and reading comprehension. Specific topics include inferences, purpose, word choice, quotes, understanding poetry, and English conventions.

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