The Vipassana technique is the path leading to freedom from all suffering. It eradicates the ignorance that underlies suffering. Those who practice the Vipassana technique gradually reduce the root causes of their suffering and steadily emerge from the darkness of their former tensions to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. There are many examples showing this.

Ongoing research emphasizes that social change must begin with the individual. Social change cannot be brought about by mere preaching. Discipline and virtuous behavior cannot be instilled simply through textbooks. Criminals will not become good citizens for fear of punishment. Neither religious nor ethnic differences can be eliminated by punitive measures. History is replete with such failed attempts.

The key to solving social problems is each individual. It must be treated with love and compassion. A person must be trained to improve himself through a genuine desire to change, and not through propaganda and exhortations to follow moral principles. He must be taught to explore himself, to initiate a process that can lead to inner change and purification of the mind. This is the only change that will be sustainable.

Vipassana is capable of transforming the human mind and character. This is an opportunity that awaits all who are sincerely willing to make an effort.