Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself in a room with two mirrors hanging on opposite walls and One of the mirrors shows you a reflection of your current inner state. Your whole appearance – posture, facial expressions, expression of the eyes – indicates an extreme degree of uncertainty. You hear how your small inner voice constantly repeats: “I am weak. I’m not capable of anything. I’m the worst!”

Try to “merge” with this reflection as much as possible; sink as deeply as possible into a state of weakness, insecurity and impotence. Stay in this state for a few seconds, then “exit” the mirror, noting how the image you created fades and fades, and eventually completely dissolves in the mirror surface. At this moment, firmly tell yourself that you are permanently getting rid of your former reflection.

Turn around to face the opposite mirror. “Draw” a new display in it; now — Yourself of Tomorrow. This person has nothing in common with the previous one, except for the appearance; he is confident in himself and does not feel a drop of doubt in his own abilities.

Consider what color you associate with confidence, and imagine that your new reflection is actively radiating that color. Think back to the three most exciting events in your life when you felt extremely confident and comfortable. Try to extract from the hidden corners of memory the sounds, smells, images that accompanied this state. Complete the picture you created with them.

Take a close look at your new reflection. Now your inner voice clearly and confidently says: “I am strong! I believe in myself and in my abilities! Mentally merge with the image of Tomorrow’s Self; at the same time, immerse yourself as deeply as possible in the fresh feelings and sensations you experience. Remember this state and try to keep it in yourself for as long as possible.