Many medical professionals and health experts consider morning to be the most important part of the day. To some extent, this is true, because in the first half of the day, immediately after waking up, our body works most efficiently: a body full of energy responds well to various physical activities, and the brain, rested during the night, intensively absorbs new information and analyze it better.

Want to enhance this effect? Nothing is impossible, and morning yoga will help you become even healthier!

Yoga classes in the morning are incredibly beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits that yoga has, and the morning complex in particular:

quick awakening;
positive charge for the next day;
preparation not only of the body, but also of thoughts;
activation of the most important biological processes;
increasing self-discipline;
development of the correct daily routine.
If your goal is to lose

weight, then yoga exercises in the morning are one of the surest ways to achieve what you want. Regular morn

ing exercises contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, accelerate the removal of toxins and toxins, and stimulate metabolic processes. Together, this results in a beautiful silhouette and increased flexibility.

A set of exercises for morning yoga

The peculiarity of classes in the morning is that usually it is not possible to allocate enough time for a full-fledged workout. As a rule, the duration of the practice in the first half of the day is up to 20-30 minutes. So that you can use this time with maximum benefit, we recommend paying attention to the following asanas. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Cat pose. Get on your knees, straighten your arms, palms should rest on the floor. As you inhale, arch your back and lift your chin up. Lock this position for 5 seconds. Next, as you exhale, relax your body. After that, inhale again and round your back, lowering your head down. Repeat this cycle up to 5-8 times.

Fluttering butterfly pose. Sit on the floor with your back straight and knees bent. Pull your heels as close to you as possible, connect the soles of your feet and wrap your arms around them. Keeping your back straight and keeping your feet flat on the floor, rhythmically raise and lower your hips. Do five repetitions, then rest (about 5 seconds). For the first time, this exercise should be done in 5-8 approaches.

Embryo position. Lie on your back, arms along the body, legs straight. While inhaling, pull your knees to your chest and clasp them with your hands, at the same time raise your head and try to bring your forehead closer to your knees. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds, then straighten up and rest. The asana should be repeated no more than 10 times.

Finish your morning yoga with shavasana, completely relaxing and letting go of all thoughts.

The poses described are the simplest, but they perfectly drive away sleep and give a charge of vivacity for the coming day. As they are mastered, it will be possible to complicate the complex by adding new exercises to it.