Infobusiness: how to make money selling information

 how to make money selling information

Have you ever thought about having a unique product that you can sell, and perhaps more than once? “But I don’t have anything special – everything is like everyone else”, you’d be surprised. That’s not quite true. Many people can start a successful business today if they are able to present their product – valuable information – to consumers. Infobusiness assumes that the knowledge that you offer people will be useful to them.

Few people will be interested in the unique method of quick hand washing – almost all have switched to washing machines. But “secret” knowledge about how to achieve your goals, earn a hundred thousand rubles a month or start a startup from scratch is in great demand.

This is evidenced by the numerous seminars, webinars and training sessions, which are held both in recording and online. Today, most people are willing to pay for a knowledgeable person to share the secrets of success and help make the first steps in business or self-development.


If you have something to tell the world, all you have to do is figure out how to do it for yourself. I mean, we share that information for free.

What to sell.
While browsing various sites on the Internet, you probably often come across such ads: “A woman in today’s world. A webinar for those who want to successfully combine career and family” or “Career Training. From subordinate to boss in just a month.” This is the info business and it’s not just online. Books on similar topics (all kinds of manuals, tutorials) – also an infoproduct. Here are some more popular topics.

  1. How to save money. Everyone is interested to know where and how to buy something budget and cheap, how to quickly and easily get a discount, how to fit a certain amount.
  2. How to learn how to communicate. Popular secrets of success in personal life, team communication, establishing any useful connections.
  3. Health, fitness and beauty. Appearance and presentability in today’s world guarantee prestige. Both women and men want to lose weight, get younger and stay active.

There is also a paid mailing list. For example, fans to bet on various sports competitions, offer several times a week to buy high-quality VIP-projections of upcoming events. There are also professional traders who trade on international currency markets, and other carriers of unique information. As bait, they also offer a free newsletter to attract as many clients as possible. But it will always be incomplete, in contrast to the paid one.

In order to interest people in their services and to turn potential customers into regulars, infobusinessmen resort to other methods.

The first steps of infobusiness

  1. One should be puzzled by creating one’s own website. Since most of the infobusiness transactions take place on the Internet, it is worth making a statement there. Infopreneurs do not wait for a call in the apartment, and the interested consumer himself will offer to pay money for this or that information. On their page, they talk about the benefits of the knowledge sold, leave contact details and prices for their services.
  2. Skillfully used ways to make themselves known: contextual advertising, mailing lists, press releases, articles on various sites, own blogs, social networks. All this allows potential consumers to learn about this or that “seller”, visit his page and, if the information will be to your liking, buy it.
  3. a small part of information is not for sale, but for giving. It is a similar behavior to trading on the market, from the counters with fruits and vegetables. “Try the grapes, they’re sweet”, they offer us. We try it, make sure that the berries are really nothing, and decide to buy them. Knowing that people are afraid to take a “cat in a bag”, smart infopreneurs give the opportunity to “try” their product.

Why is it worth choosing an infobusiness

Thousands of people leave their jobs and devote their time to selling information. What’s so great about it? There really is an advantage, they are the ones who make businessmen give up selling clothes and shoes in favor of selling their knowledge profitably.

 how to make money selling information
  • An infobusinessman can work at home, sitting in the kitchen in his pajamas. His goods do not take up space, do not require storage space, sales are carried out by one person instead of a large staff.
  • Entrepreneur covers a wide range of consumers, as the participants of webinars can be people from different cities and countries. The geographical distance of the infopreneur from his clients does not play any role.
  • If an info-businessman finds his niche and sells a truly unique product, he has virtually no competitors, unlike sellers of equipment, clothing and shoes.
  • The information exists only in your head and records. No need to wait for the delivery of goods, nervous because of problems with transportation, idle due to illness or sluggishness of employees.

Some skeptics believe that the infobusiness will not last long. Information is becoming more and more accessible, most active Internet users today easily and easily find in the World Wide Web what yesterday could be found only by visiting a paid training or by buying an electronic package of lectures. Whether these predictions will come true, we will know only in a few years, so far we can earn what no one will take away from us – our knowledge.