How to get rid of the constant anxiety

How to get rid of the constant anxiety

Handling anxiety and anxiety is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight.
Try to figure out exactly what’s bothering you. It’s likely that many of your fears are far-fetched and have no good reason to be. For example, you are worried about your career, about not being demoted, even though you are probably doing a good job, and are valued and respected by your bosses.

Let’s imagine the worst part.
Let’s say you’ve been demoted or worse, demoted by state. Does your life end here? I’m sure you’ll always be able to find another job that’s equal to or even better paid and interesting. Sometimes even the most negative things happen for the good.

Let’s get down to business.
Let it be something interesting for you, something that will bring you pleasure. Immerse yourself in joyful emotions, supplant all your fears with them. Psychologists have long used employment therapy as the best cure for anxiety.

Let’s think of those who are worse off…
Start helping someone, do not dwell on your own experiences, because there are so many people around who have much more serious problems than you. Visit an orphanage or hospice, share with others your smile, your warmth, and you will see that your anxiety disappears completely or becomes much weaker.

Let’s put the past behind us.
Don’t worry about long past events. People tend to feel anxious and worried about situations that have been left behind. Often a person remembers the event that once happened with him or her, which caused a bright emotional response, and re-experiencing unpleasant emotions. Clearly divide the present, past and future. Do not worry about what is long gone, as well as about what is not yet and perhaps never will be, live here and now.

Let’s laugh at the trouble.
Learn to be a happy person with an optimistic view of the world. In any situation you can see both positive and negative sides. Develop a sense of humor, more jokes and laughs.

Let’s not make it any worse.
Remember the negative consequences of constant anxiety: these are heart and vessel diseases, gastritis and stomach ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

Take control of your emotions.
Observe your thoughts, emotions and words, give up the usual word forms: “I am worried about this and that”, “I am afraid”, “I am worried”, etc. If you begin to be overwhelmed by anxious thoughts, watch them as if from the outside: where do they come to you? What kind of reactions do you have? Do not let them bother you, let the negative thoughts go as if through your brain, without lingering in it.

How to get rid of the constant anxiety

Let’s record the progress
Keep a personal diary, write down all your fears, reasons for your worries and what you did to get rid of them. Remember, only your active actions aimed at improving the quality of your life can help you find peace of mind and harmony.

Consult a psychologist or therapist if your own efforts do not help you get rid of your anxiety. Your doctor may prescribe some kind of medication to help you get rid of your anxiety. Such problems may include hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, vascular dystonia, etc.

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