How do you learn to write beautiful texts? Write with taste! Is gre hard?

The ability to write beautiful texts is not always a rare gift of nature. Now is the time for intellectual growth! And almost everyone can develop the skill of skillful presentation of information.

How to write beautiful texts that appeal to the reader?

How do you learn to write beautiful texts? Write with taste! Is gre hard?

Attractive writing style is not just about matching the genre. What matters is the interesting structure of the text, the use of certain words, turns and other “chips”.

The author’s style, the unique slogan of the copywriter is immediately noticeable, despite the technical methods – seo keys, advertising slogans, bullion lists, etc..

To write beautiful texts, you need to think beautifully. Is gre hard.

As experience shows, without creative passion it is difficult to create a convincing, selling a unique article. And it does not matter – it is women’s popular topics or a narrow direction of the technical field.

Collecting material, you can find a lot of interesting, useful things for yourself. Information – inexhaustible!

Before writing an article, do what you are particularly inspired. Take a walk in the park, test the speed of your car, relax in the computer game, with your favorite magazine, movie, ride on rollers, dance, finally.

Choose something that will stir up your best feelings, hold this mood and sit down to create an article. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily the excitement of the walk will turn into the right words. This method has long been used by great writers and creators.

How do you learn to write beautiful texts?
What is the style of written speech used in copywriting?

A bit of theory…

Speech style is a selective manner of transmitting thoughts, which refers to a specific topic of communication. That is, special tools that determine the quality and speed of communication.

Oral speech is the most primary representation of our thoughts. It is natural, emotional, and sometimes subjective and chaotic.

It is a spontaneous or prepared form of information transmission, often using non-verbal means of communication (facial expressions, intonation, gestures, postures) that enhance the semantic effect.

Despite the apparent imperfection of oral speech compared to written speech, it often benefits from the authenticity of feelings, i.e., “live”, genuine emotions.

Written speech is more content, priority, “carefully combed”, logical and meaningful. At the same time, it is important to beautifully design the text and not to overload with unnecessary information, is gre hard. The aim is to evoke a concrete response, to get a result.

Today, written forms of speech often replace the oral reproduction of thoughts, we communicate on a pre-prepared “paper” and many speakers can hardly do without a special cheat sheet or clue.

To learn to write beautifully, you need to know a few basic styles:

Scientific style in copywriting
It is intended for obtaining new knowledge. It uses professional terms, monographs, scientific quotations and excerpts from primary sources acceptable to this readership (CA) to create such articles. Nouns are used here more often than verb parts of speech.

Characteristic features of the scientific style are complex sentences, long paragraphs, structural word formations, abbreviations and abbreviations of some common constructions are allowed. For example: that is (i.e.), and so on – (etc.), and so on (etc.), thus (i.e.), the second stage (2nd stage).

Publisistic dynamic style
The main function of this writing style is to influence the feelings and behavior of readers (potential customers). It is more often used in informational, analytical, advertising and selling texts, in public and political sphere.

The publicistic style of written speech is usually transmitted through the media. These are newspaper reports, PR articles for magazines, TV and radio programs, for public speeches at meetings, presentations, congresses, meetings, etc.

Its distinguishing features are bright appeals, stimulating proposals, advertising slogans, as well as availability, relevance and simplicity of presentation. More verbs than adjectives are used.

Such articles are designed for mass perception. The information genre is characterized by short forms of speech and logical construction of phrases.

As a rule, these are reports, interviews, interpretations, etc. The analytical genre includes essays, reviews, letters, reviews, technical comparisons, etc. The analytical genre is characterised by short forms of speech and logical construction of phrases.

Conversational style when writing beautiful texts
It is intended for the audience of social sphere, for simple everyday conversation and dialogues between people. It has shades of different emotions, ease and accessibility.

It is allowed to use humor, irony, some familiarity, light jargon, author’s personal techniques to create unique word forms.

Texts written in conversational stylistics most often have bright emotional coloring (threatening or joking, intimate, inoffensive, etc.).

How do you learn to write beautiful texts? Write with taste! Is gre hard?

Artistic style for writing beautiful texts
When the copywriter is a beginner, the first thing he tries to do is to create art articles (stories, discussions) by gaining experience and filling his hand.

The presentation may include the author’s personal position with the use of all sorts of metaphors, idioms, winged phrases, quotes, artistic descriptions. Such texts can be supplemented by any forms of adjectives of different degrees.

Official (business) style in writing a beautiful text
In this case it is characterized by the manifestation of laconism, accuracy, compactness and conciseness of information presentation, exclusion of subjective opinion of the author.

Basically, similar articles are created for officials and the enterprises of public-law sphere. In style of written speech various documents, acts, instructions, orders, agreements, contracts and other business papers are created.

5 main criteria for quality text:

Suitability of information. That is, a clear correspondence between the given topic and the interests of Central Asia (target audience)
Short. The absence of unnecessary words (literary water) makes the article unobtrusive and accessible for quick understanding. Fewer words make more sense.
The richness of speech. Correct use of synonyms, adjectives, aphorisms, beautiful expressions and metaphors in the text.
Availability, clarity, simplicity and lightness are important components for creating quality articles in copywriting, online gre course for writing texts.
Speech intelligibility is the convenience of reading, pronunciation aloud and comfortable perception of information.
Grind your author’s styles, write with taste!

Beautiful texts for you, friends!