You have chosen alternative learning including counting, pennies and dimes in an online school. It may not be the usual form of mastering knowledge for you and your child, who is used to sitting at a desk and communicating directly with the teacher. The online school has its own rules and features, which you just need to get acquainted with in order to study effectively. Online learning is designed for children who can work independently without constant stimulation and pushing. It can teach a weakly motivated child to be independent and responsible. And it can become a powerful impetus for self-development and self-actualization. But this happens if your child can master this advanced technology of self-education without conflict.

How to achieve this?

Try to convince your child that the coercive system is a thing of the past. Everyone in today’s world understands the measure of responsibility and names and values of all coins they have for their lives. No one can help you become an educated and successful person if you don’t want to and learn to do it yourself. Distance education gives you a unique chance to prove to yourself what you are worth. But parents should realize that this level of responsibility for their child’s life comes with time. And the main goal of parents is to help their schoolchild understand this and create the most comfortable conditions for them to master the skills of online learning.

Let me give you some tips:

– Prepare for online learning technically. A computer, access to a network, a scanner, a printer, and a microphone are the minimum requirements for starting a class. You will also need A4 paper and a ballpoint pen to do your writing;

– Familiarize yourself with the features of the site to begin with. Examine the nature of communication with teachers, administration, the classroom teacher, and technical support. Also familiarize yourself with the progress of the lessons, topics, gradebook, and assignment schedule (timetable). Read the introductory chapter of each individual teacher’s course, which indicates the specifics of mastery of a particular subject;

– Make a study money word problems schedule for the week, month, semester, year. Of course, your child can study on his own schedule. But this sometimes leads to information overload, because by the end of the semester he will need to pass all the tests and get the required marks. In order to avoid a frantic and poor-quality study of subjects, make a student-friendly schedule that should correspond to the academic workload of a normal schoolchild. Do it with your child! We work according to the standard program of secondary schools. And the number of lessons coincides with the curriculum of public educational institutions.

For example, there are 2 literature lessons per week, 2 language lessons, 2 math lessons, 1 biology lesson, etc. You can find out how many of these should be in the plan from the schedule of lessons. Try not to deviate from the weekly schedule. This will help your child get organized and take responsibility for learning the subject.

And now the most important thing. How to motivate the student to study the subject and pass the course?

– Make learning comfortable. If your child is familiar with computers and has no difficulty communicating online, give them more freedom. This adult and serious form of learning can reveal unexpected talents of self-organization in him. After all, he’s not just playing “shooter” or wandering around the web looking for contacts that interest him, he’s doing serious business. Make him feel responsible!

– Control him. But do it tactfully. Keep track of his office hours on the school website. The administration and classroom teacher also see the time your child spends on the site and his progress through the course material. They try to signal to parents about the status of things in a timely manner. Make sure your student is not sitting at the computer from morning to night without a break. After each lesson, or even more often, we advise to hold a physical culture minute. Choose the one you like and periodically remind to perform it:

– P.S.
– superfitness minute
– fun exercise
– scoliosis prevention
– dance aerobics
– ten exercises
– morning exercises
– vigorous morning exercises
– 15 minutes Qigong exercises

– If your child is having difficulty, help him or her adjust to being productive on the computer. Teach him how to use the printer and scanner. If he is not good at something, it discourages learning. Go through several lessons with him. If you have any questions or comments about the course material or its presentation, please contact the administration or technical support. Monitor the communication between your child and the instructor. Even though this is a remote school, such contact should be a must. Feedback from the teacher is an important factor in learning. The child should see his successes and work on his mistakes. Make sure that, in addition to passing lessons, your schoolchild takes a walk, eats well, sits in a comfortable position, does not spoil his eyesight. Work on the learning material should take place in a comfortable, learning-friendly environment. Eliminate distractions. Relieve the student as much as possible from other activities during home lessons.

Teaching should bring the joy of learning, then you will see the result.