Holding the breath in pranayama: how much and why?

Today we’ll talk about the benefits of holding your breath including in the process of https://www.julianalucky.com/post/spectra-breast-pump. Many pranayamas involve holding (kumbhaka). Why is it necessary and what benefits does it bring on the physical and energetic levels? N.B. Everything written here was not invented by me and I do not claim authorship of the information […]


Sometimes in the morning after sleeping, it can be difficult for us to come to our senses and start practicing https://www.julianalucky.com/post/9-ways-to-practice-mindfulness-with-kids. This is due to the fact that the body was practically in a motionless state and the centers of the brain regulating the coordination of movements had not yet been fully involved in the […]


Here are 2 reasons for gaining weight on https://www.julianalucky.com/post/mommy-and-me-yoga-benefits. It could be genetics that “holds” the weight when we are stressed, or it could be having an unpleasant habit of stress eating. Regardless of why weight gain (or inability to lose weight) occurs, how you deal with the problem is important. Constant stress throws the […]

Jnana Yoga. Directions of Yoga

Jnana yoga (or the yoga of wisdom, the yoga of knowledge) and  https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids is one of the four main branches of yoga. Knowledge here does not mean intellectual or rational knowledge, but a kind of mystical, intuitive comprehension of things in themselves, experiencing the identity of the Atman (human soul and all living beings) and […]

How can I help my child with distance learning?

You have chosen alternative learning including counting, pennies and dimes in an online school. It may not be the usual form of mastering knowledge for you and your child, who is used to sitting at a desk and communicating directly with the teacher. The online school has its own rules and features, which you just […]

5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Comprehend Texts

Because reading doesn’t equal comprehension Students who are often said to be “better at math” are often bad readers. But it’s probably not because of any humanities or dyslexia, but because you just need to work with your kids. Including the use of 8th grade sbac practice test. Why reading problems need to be addressed […]


1. introduction An abacus is usually very simple in construction and basically consists of a frame in which balls are threaded from rods. These balls represent by their position a certain number, i.e. it is based on a place value system. The abacus is called the oldest calculating machine, although it is hardly used nowadays. […]

How to Study for the SHSAT Editing/Revising: What grammar rules do I need to know?

The editing/revising section is the shortest part of the SHSAT ELA section, but it is still quite important to your exam score. There are 11 questions, 3-5 of which will ask you to edit standalone sentences and 6-8 which will ask you to revise and edit within the context of the passage. Scpecialized high school test prep classes we feature […]