Yoga helps:

Improve concentration, develop stress tolerance and slow-down skills;
Restore the emotional background, calm the psyche;
“Renew” the body and regulate the hormonal background;
Improve the quality of sleep;
To strengthen physical health (strength, flexibility, balance).
Today there are many schools, teachers and styles of yoga around the world. Some adhere to traditional teachings, while others combine new and ancient techniques, so everyone can find something different in yoga. Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion and physical fitness. At the same time, yoga is not a sport or fitness in the usual sense. There’s no need to set goals and there’s no competition: it’s a personal practice, even if it takes place in a group.

The frantic pace of life, multitasking, and information overload all contribute to self-destruction, stress, tension, blocks, and clamps in the body. We don’t move much, we don’t sleep well, we eat on the go, we don’t know how to relax. Yoga is a tool for self-recovery on all levels, for self-regulation and self-discipline.